Live the Life of a Scholar — A Path to Excellence

The Fan Gongxiu Honors College will provide you with the opportunities to live the life of a scholar through enriched, personalized curriculum.

In general, the undergraduate education at Honors College is a promising, innovative, and inspiring experience. It is your opportunity to network, experience, and learn with dynamic team members.

As a freshman, you will enroll in Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Design, you will also participate the Honors College Colloquia, etc., which are the Honors College’s version of a first year experience course. These courses will help you to transit smoothly into life as a college student and connect you to the myriad campus and community opportunities available to you. You will challenge yourself academically in all of your Honors College courses, conduct a series of three major independent research projects, and compose a professional-quality academic thesis from your Capstone design that meets the standards of your chosen discipline – the culmination of your undergraduate work.

From the time you arrive on campus until your tassels are turned at graduation, you will work closely with our Honors advising team. Together, you will develop an academic path that is fulfilling inside and outside of the classroom, including time for academic enrichment opportunities like study abroad, research, and internships.

Within five years of graduation, more than 90% of alumni have enrolled in or completed a graduate or professional program, which speaks not only to the quality of classroom education you will receive, but to the enduring effect of mentoring and hands-on opportunities to practice your profession. Honors graduates also find success in the workforce, which, again, demonstrates the lasting influence of professional development opportunities and to the level of personal attention each and every Honors student receives.

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