College at A Glance

Enriched curriculum. Small classes. Caring professors. Talented classmates. Study abroad opportunities. International emphases. Undergraduate research. Foreign language competency. Presentations and publications. And much more... Fan Gongxiu Honors College provides students with a flexible, dynamic learning experience in engineering. The undergraduate education is designed to be focused on a broad engineering background with extensive hands-on design and research capability. The curricula are brandnew that meets the educational objectives and outcomes from internationally accredited engineering institutions. Students are admitted into the college with no specific programs, but select their ultimate program choices at the end of their sophomore years. During the four year period, a three-phase engineering project will be conducted interdisciplinarily across the campus guided by undergraduate advisory teams.


Fan Gongxiu Honors College was established in 2014 with the aim to meet the requirement and aspiration for providing intensive engineering education to intellectually talented, self-motivated undergraduate students arose in local economy.


The name Fan Gongxiu Honors College comes from the 4th president of the university, Prof. Fan Gongxiu, whose contribution to engineering education, especially the co-op education, was nationally recognized. 
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