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One of the educational objectives in the Honors College is to enable significant hand-on engineering design experience for students. With the embarkation of the first-year engineering Cornerstone Project, the College has systematically designed a three-phase design project, internally called the STONE series.

A six-feet crawling robot from one of the Cornerstone groups.

Conerstone Project

The Cornerstone Project at Fan Gongxiu Honors College is your opportunity to complete a major research or creative project in your freshmen year, in partial fulfilment of the requirement of the University Honors Course UHN 101 & 102, Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Design. It is how you fulfill the Honors “breadth” requirement. You choose the topic yourself in major engineering disciplines; you have the resources of a major research university at your disposal; you are mentored by a faculty member you have asked to supervise you; and you complete a project that serves as the “Cornerstone” of engineering majors: the foundation of your entire undergraduate career. For many it also marks the beginning of a serious research or professional trajectory. It is an exciting, pivotal project.

Keystone Project

The Keystone Project is designated to open to sophomore students at Fan Gongxiu Honors College who have completed major fundamental courses and started core courses in the fields containing their prospective program choices. Such required courses include, but not limited to, Calculus, University Physics, Introduction to Engineering Basics, Engineering Graphics, Circuits Analysis, Mechanics, Electronics, etc. The goals of the Keystone Project is to further expand the design capability, hands-on experience, and project management of the students in their own fields of study. The project, accompanying two University Honor courses of Research Method (UHN 201), and Project Management (UHN 250), also trains the students systematically in solving real-world problems in their broad engineering disciplines.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is the culmination of undergraduate students’ study in their chosen engineering discipline and is a required course. With private and industry sponsors participating through many of our departments, our students gain hands-on experience with projects that have real-world applications. Within Fan Gongxiu Honors College, each student is required to take a formal capstone course during their senior year in which they apply their education experience to a real-world project. Students form teams and work with companies or other sponsors on a project. Capstone projects are intended to be an essential learning experience for students as they end their formal undergraduate education and transition into the workforce.