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Fan Gongxiu Honors College features a self-designed curriculum aiming at satisfying a diversity of motivation. A University Honors module is added to the curriculum to ensure and enforce the achievement of student outcomes upon graduation. General Education and Science Fundamentals modules are provided in the first two years, while Major Core Courses and Technical Electives modules are provided in the last two years. The suggested total credits of a four-year curriculum are up to 160 credits depending on individual enrollment.

I. University Honors (20 credits)

  1. Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Design (2 credits)
  2. Science and Engineering Colloquia (2 credits)
  3. Engineering Ethics and Academic Writing (2 credits)
  4. Research Methods for Engineers (2 credits)
  5. Self-study Massive Open Online Courses (2 credits)
  6. Summer School (4 credits)
  7. Cornerstone Design (3 credits)
  8. Ketstone Design (3 credits)

II. General Education (42 credits)

  1. MOE courses for College Students (14 credits)
  2. Physical Education and National Defense (6 credits)
  3. Computer Fundamentals (4 credits)
  4. Project Management (2 credits)
  5. Interdisciplinary General Education Electives (16 credits)

III. Science and Engineering Fundamentals (45 credits)

  1. Mathematics modules (21 credits)
  2. Physics modules (12 credits)
  3. Technical Fundamentals (>12 credits)

IV. Major Core and Technical Electives (42 credits)

  1. Major Core (20 credits)
  2. Flecible Technical Electives (10 credits)
  3. Cooperative Education (4 credits)
  4. Capstone Design (8 credits)

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