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Dear Honors Students, Prospective Students, Parents & Friends,

Welcome to Fan Gongxiu Honors College at Beijing University of Technology.

The Honors College was established in 2014 when a need and aspiration for providing intensive engineering education to intellectually talented, self-motivated undergraduate students arose in local economy. The college was named after the 4th president of the university, Prof. Fan Gongxiu, whose contribution to engineering education, especially the co-op education, was nationally recognized. The mission of the Honors College was thus unanimously agreed to prepare the engineering leadership that excels both locally and globally.

We have recruited three classes since the doors were opened, one class each year, from the newly admitted freshmen. We are trying our best to create a living and learning community of bright students, caring advisors, and enthusiastic professors. We represent a powerful and unique combination of the special care and attention an honors student should expect in academics and advising from excellent engineering-renowned colleges with the vast program choice and research mentoring resources of the whole university. From the Board of the University to the caretakers of our honors classroom, there is unwavering support of our purpose: to promote and enable the very best education possible for intellectually-engaged students.

We have carefully designed the 4-year curricular plan for our Honors Students, with brand new University Honors courses, study abroad opportunities, MOOC courses, hierarchical hands-on research opportunities, and much more. Our students will have much more flexibility and autonomy of their course selection, advisor selection, and program combination. We also offer many co-curricular experiences designed to help our outstanding students engage in pursuits to create new knowledge, to serve our local, regional, and international communities, and to fully connect with students, staff, and faculty across disciplines. Honors here is about community. It’s about excellence with integrity, leadership, and service. It’s about loving learning, celebrating diversity, and moving outside our comfort zones. It’s about challenging and supporting one another and growing together to be the best we can be.

The honors experience at BJUT is a testament to our commitment to developing a new generation of civic, economic, cultural, scientific, and engineering leaders for the home city, the region, the country, and the world. Please accept my invitation to join, and take part in, our special community and its intellectual and extracurricular events.

We all look forward to meeting you!


Fu Guo

Dean, Fan Gongxiu Honors College, Beijing University of Technology