In order to fully assure student success, the University Board has approved the following benefits for students admitted the Fan Gongxiu Honors College.

̶       Students can choose any of the 27 engineering programs as their graduation major program after completion the fundamental core course in the freshmen and sophomore years.

̶       Students have priority for early enrollment of all undergraduate courses. All courses in the university catalog are open to honors students.

̶       Students have flexible duration of study within the 6-year time frame. Earlier graduation for graduate study is also possible.

̶       The top 80% of the students will have the advantage of exam-waiver graduate study, eligible nationwide. Students are encouraged to follow the bachelor-Ph.D track for graduate study.

̶       “Fan Gongxiu Scholarship” opportunities are offered exclusively in the Honors College for talented students. Other awards, with higher ratio than other colleges, are also offered to students each academic year, covering no less than 40% of the total students.  

̶       Students have the privileges to take CET exams from the first semester.

̶       Special classrooms are allocated to Honors College, and the small-sized lectures are prioritized to be arranged in Smart Classrooms.

̶       Students have the privilege to have free access to all teaching and research labs on campus.

̶       Students have the priority of attending university seminars, competitions, and research projects.

̶       Students have the priority of attending university study-abroad programs.

̶       Students have the same library advantages as graduate students.

̶       Students will have special support in university printing services and computing services.

̶       Students will be provided a centralized accommodation in the undergraduate dorm to facilitate a living-learning community.