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Beijing, China – Beijing University of Technology welcomed more than 6000 new students to its campus on September 7 to kick off the annual Student Welcome and Orientation Week, among which another class of students formally joined the Honors College of the University.

Thirty new students were admitted to the Fan Gongxiu Honors College, established in 2014, aiming at selecting and educating outstanding engineers. “I’m so happy to have them join our big family and they make us complete”, said the upperclassman Jialin Shao.

This year those 30 freshmen from all over the country gathered together and ran through various tests till they stand out from the group of 60 candidates. ‘‘I remembered those difficult exams almost exhausted me, however, when I looked back now, I should be grateful that I didn’t give up”, sighing Jason Lee. Indeed. Few days ago, freshmen took lots of exams including physics, math, mechanical design, electrical circuits, and two presentations as well. All the work they have done tested out their basic engineering abilities including teamwork, hands-on skills, and oral expression. Then on the other day, an SAT exam was also conducted to review their comprehensive level in English.

After overall evaluation, the final name list of 30 students was published. All the selected students were quite excited. ‘‘I never expected this!” Richard screamed, and his mom said, ‘‘I know it’s hard, so I’m very proud of him and congratulation to all his classmates”. Those 30 freshmen have a wide range of academic background and extracurricular interests. But they will study together for the first two years then seek their own way of engineering degree in the last two years.

Freshmen are now all settled in their new dormitory and are getting familiar with their new environment and new friends. Wenxuan Jiang said, ‘‘This is just a beginning, for all of us. I believe we could work together and make history”. New class officer representatives were elected on Thursday during their first assembly.

The Honors College by now already owns 120 students, namely. The first class will be graduating next summer. The College office and classrooms will be relocated to the new lecture building on campus soon during this semester.


Text by Mr. Li, Xianzhi
Photo by Ms. Liu, Gefei

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